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Fund Raising

“Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”
Anthony D'Angelo

How We Are Able To Help

We started BFM Telecoms to raise funds for our own Community Projects and invited 50 other Charities from around Australia to receive funding the same way.

From business gained from this web site we donate between 5% to 10% of every monthly bill with business clients to either a specific or combined group of Charities.

A further 5% to 10% of every months bill is used to run BFM Telecoms and also fund our own community activities.

Charities actively using BFM as their own fundraising mechanism will receive between 15% to 25% of every monthly bill.

When we have established a healthy ongoing donation to our existing Charities we will then be inviting another 50 Charities to join us!

For us to do this we need to first reduce your phone bill !

Please contact us for a quote.

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