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About Us

“Giving is the hardest part.
What does it cost to add a smile?”

Jean de la Bruyere (1645-1696) - French satiric moralist.

A Brief History.

From a Corporate background, Paul Jacobs started BFM after deciding to have a lifestyle change and apply his talents at helping young people at the Beenleigh Police Citizens Youth Club.

In a short period of time he was running different developmental programs, had started an FM Radio Station for his Radio Club program, and adopted the I.T. needs of the club. Dealing with the PCYC was great, but with it being a charity he became frustrated with the lack of funds to run the many needed programs.

It was obvious that a solution needed to be found to allow these programs to continue shaping the future lives of the many young people who frequent the club.


Paul Jacobs


Why BFM Telecoms was started.

The BFM Radio Program and many other Youth Programs do not attract any funding, so BFM Telecoms was started to fix this shortfall. Profits from BFM are utilised in these areas.

When the process was established to generate the funding needs of the different programs, we found that the funding template could be easily applied to any Community Organisation. The advantages to inviting other Organisations to participate was that collectively, the support to multiple Community Organisations allowed for a greater product volume that attracted a higher discount from our service supplier - and everyone received this benefit in the form of increased funding and decreased phone bills.

How to make everyone a winner.

Everyone has a telephone and most have internet, and everyone would like to save money on these regular bills.

When a customer wants to save money and switches to BFM Telecoms for their Phone and Internet, a big slice of the profits is directed to our participating Charities - every month for as long as the customer stays with BFM.

The customer wins - they have a lower Phone & Internet bill.

All the Community Groups win - they have vital funding to continue their caring work.

We all win because the profits are not going to the telecommunication giants - they are being used in the community.

You are invited to become part of our BFM family !


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