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“Charity sees the need, not the cause.”
German Proverb

Why was BFM started?

BFM Telecoms was originally created to generate funding for our Youth Radio Development Programs and projects that are run at a Youth Charity.

Why was BFM set up outside our own Charity?

We tried to set up BFM within our own Charity but it proved too difficult with our "Not for Profit" status. The only solution was to set it up as a privately run business and donate the profits to the charity.

Why make BFM available to other Charities?

With this ongoing funding source working for our own community project we decided to allow any Charity to start using it in the same way for their own funding needs.

As we seek funding for our own needs using BFM Telecoms, so do other Charities. BFM telecoms is a funding machine for any registered Charity & Community group to use as their own.

How does BFM belong to those who use it?

The owner of any business offers products or services to their customers and they receive benefit in the form of profits from the transaction.

With BFM gaining increased business, we qualify for increased volume discount and we use this to further reduce the service price to our customers and increase the donation factor to our different charities.

How does BFM belong to the customer ?

Because BFM is not a corporate identity striving to achieve profits for shareholders, there is no need to maintain expensive management infrastructures to run the organisation.

If we make our services very attractive to our customers, they will be our main marketing tool and this eliminates our need to run expensive national marketing campaigns.

The easiest way to have our customers want to help us grow and increase the benefit to our Charities is to give them a "Slice of the Pie". As our product volume increases and in turn increases the benefit to the different charities, we also share these profits with the customer in the form of decreased prices on our services.

We become the first Telco to contact the customer
when we find that we are able to reduce their bill.

How can BFM do all this without a Corporate infrastructure ?

We plugged into the major telecoms suppliers for the re-billing of their products and services, just like what has already happened with the Electricity Supply industry.


Our supplier runs the Technical side.

BFM runs the Business and Support side.
A Our Customers and individual Charities run the Marketing side.

The perfect partnership !

How can you help us to raise more funds?

Everyone that is associated with BFM are all working in their own Organisations to help the Community on a full time basis (ourselves included).

If you would like to help us, the easiest thing you could do is promote us to all the local businesses in your area - You do this and we may be able to offer you FREE HOME PHONE. Since we do not spend our profits on marketing, we rely on the public taking an interest in what we are doing and spreading the word around. It could be for the benefit of your own favourite local charity, or for any of the groups already registered with us.

Just using our services is helping, and we thank you in advance for this.

Together we can all make a difference...........................


©2007 - BFM Telecoms