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ADSL Internet

“It has become appallingly obvious that our
technology has exceeded our humanity.”

Albert Einstein

Home or Business ADSL with Huge Limits

Our range of ADSL packages offers high speed with unlimited downloading. Compare our rates to the market leader and see for yourself how much you will save. Business Clients - You will be offered a personalised Phone & ADSL solution tailored to your needs.


ADSL Frequently Asked Questions - Click HERE

ADSL Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

Q. Is there a Bundle Discount on these ADSL plans?

A. No - To offer a Bundle Discount we will need to either increase the price or reduce the download limit.

Q. Is there a free modem?

A. Again No - The cost of a free modem would usually be worked into a 24 month contract with higher charges for the service. Rather than lock you into a 24 month contract on higher rates to get a free modem, it is cheaper for you to pick one up for around $60 and we will help you set it up

Q. Is there a Contract on these ADSL packages?

A. There is no long term contract. We do ask that you stay with us for at least three months to help us with our fundraising.

Q. Why do you only have a few ADSL 1 plans?

A. Until there is a much higher speed ADSL cable network in Australia no one can guarantee that you will get the ultra high ADSL speeds (ADSL 2). Though some ADSL 2 customers do get up to 20,000kbps, the majority get speeds upto around 4,000kbps. It is ultimately up to you. If our ADSL 1 speeds could get you upto 8,000kbps, why would you want to pay more to get an unreliable speed ADSL 2 connection?

Q. Do I need an ADSL Line Filter?


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